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University and college cleaning

Our experience in the education sector has given us a valuable insight into working to extremely tight deadlines.

University & Colleges

Learning Through Experience

Our experience in the education sector has given us a valuable insight into managing and working to extremely tight deadlines, particularly when dealing with halls of residence cleaning.

Our university cleaning services produce high quality, thorough deep cleans across hundreds of units whilst keeping to a strict schedule, all in line with the educational calendar. This no mean feat! Especially as certain sites require considerable maintenance work prior to cleaning – or in some cases when the site may still be under construction! University halls cleaning is always carried out in a professional manner, making sure we’ve thought of just about everything.

Flexibility is key in these instances, as is being able to react quickly and professionally, even to the toughest challenge. We are always equipped to provide an extensive work force to tackle large-scale jobs – sometimes on a 24-hour schedule – and therefore we have been able to achieve what our customers had believed would be impossible, ultimately saving them thousands of pounds by preventing projects from overrunning.

This responsive approach isn’t restricted to our cleaning services, we are also able to supply maintenance and security cover at short notice. We are aware that staff requirements can change at a moment’s notice, due to sickness, schedule changes or unforeseen circumstances. We are also equally aware that having security staff in place at all time is imperative to the smooth and safe running of many units.

Having the right team on hand – be that security, cleaning or more bespoke professionals – and knowing what is possible within a very tight deadline enables us to apply the same high quality, quick-turnaround service to our customers outside the education sector if needed

College Students

The Full Package

Our full package takes care of all your worries in one go. No need to source professionals from different companies, we’ve already taken care of this for you. We understand that time is always of the essence when it comes to the academic calendar, and there are tight turnarounds for services and facilities to complete work by. That’s why we developed out Full Package, because it really takes the stress out of your supplier search!

The Full Package takes care of all Facilities Management needs, providing fully trained, experienced professionals in the following areas:

MAINTENANCE – Ongoing maintenance helps prevent small repair jobs from turning into large, expensive refits. This is always our aim, and our dedicated maintenance teams keep a keen eye on all areas of the properties under their care, ensuring that any damage is professionally addressed immediately.

SECURITY – We offer security, concierge, patrol and key holding services to ensure that properties remain safe and free from uninvited visitors at all times. All of our security staff hold SIA licences. Our University security services offer a flexible approach, and we will find a solution for your specific security needs.

GARDENING AND LANDSCAPING – As part of our FM package we are committed to keeping the outside of the properties we manage in as good condition as the inside. We offer a variety of gardening and landscaping grounds work to ensure all sites are neat, tidy and safe. Aside from aesthetic jobs such as planting and irrigation we also offer practical services such as car park repairs, brick laying, graffiti and gum removal.

WASHROOM SERVICES – Maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in washroom areas is essential for both occupants and visitors to a property. With this in mind, we offer deep cleaning services, to make sure you are completely satisfied with our efforts. We also provide a package to suit your needs such as sanitary bins, vending machines, entrance matting and hand dryers.

CLEANING SERVICES – We offer a range of washroom products – to ensure that facilities are regularly maintained on a time scale suited our customer’s requirements. This is a great way of preventing further problems in halls of residence, meaning your washrooms will have even better longevity.

WINDOW CLEANING – Our certified operatives are fully trained and equipped to reach any height to thoroughly clean all glass window panes and treat metal frames to prevent rusting. This is a great idea to keep those panes shiny and new, it keeps your outlook clean and fresh.

A Total Facilities Management Solution

Our many years of experience has shown us that busy customers want instant solutions. We are a highly active and growing company, and we’ve established a great reputation by delivering on promises for all our clients and customers. We completely understand that you may have a standard of cleanliness to be maintained, which is why we are happy to deliver a full FM package to ensure a seamless and hassle-free service. This then removes the need to have to deal with numerous different suppliers, and you can solve all your services issues under one roof. We have taken on board that prospective students will also view your halls of residence at times when they may be empty, so we are also available on shorter notice if things need a quick sprucing up before showing people round.

Our FM package includes:


Our FM package ensures excellent quality and a range of services which will better your university or college. Combining these services will create a better environment for students, as our total facilities management solution has been of great interest to other institutions. For further services regarding university cleaning, please see our  Deep Cleaning page. This is a great option, as this enables you to get all your maintenance sorted before the new academic year begins.

We are well equipped to react to our customer’s needs as and when needed and we are able to provide these services on long term or ad-hoc contracts. Miato Facilities Management always strives to be the best at what we do, meaning we are always willing to accommodate your requests.

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