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School Cleaning

Our years of experience supplying a school

cleaning service that is top of the class.

  • ✓ 98% Absence Management

  • ✓ 100% support to school and operatives

  • ✓ Working in partnership

School Cleaning

Our school cleaning services offer the reliability and affordability you are looking for. From small nurseries, to large multi-building comprehensive secondary schools – and everything in between – at Miato Facilities Management, we have over a decade’s worth of knowledge and expertise necessary to provide exemplary and consistent school cleaning service standards across the education sector.

We have the flexibility and the understanding to work closely with you to form and deliver a school cleaning service programme that works for your school’s needs, and which spares no expense on detail, right down to daily school cleaning services. We understand that daily cleaning needs to meet a high standard, and always make sure our staff are informed and prepared for entering a school environment.

It is just one of the many commitments we honour to all our clients, regardless of the level of school cleaning service provided. Feedback and comments are welcomed, as this will allow your contract with us to evolve as time progresses. We have a 24-hour service if you ever want to provide any feedback. We pride ourselves on being constantly available to your business, so if you had any query regarding our school cleaning services, we’d be happy to help.

Our management structure is proactive with a ‘hands-on’ approach, offering you the support you require. We offer an in-depth training programme to all our staff to ensure they have the tools to succeed.

And because we are privileged to work nationwide with many major educational institutions, we have a robust level of resources to ensure absence is sufficiently covered even at a moment’s notice. We are committed to providing a school cleaning service that embodies the term “Value for Money”. Always striving to provide exceptionally high standards, with a culture of improvement, we ensure that we do everything we can to exceed customer expectations, both short and long-term.

Student Classroom Desks

Helping To Create A Clean And Safe Learning Environment

School cleaning in the UK and outside the UK has changed rapidly over the last ten years, and we understand for you to provide an excellent education setting, cleanliness is of utmost importance. We want to work with you to create the cleanest and safest possible environment for learning. After all, these are some of the most important years for youngsters, and they should have the best possible experience at school.

That’s where our school cleaning services come in. We’ll cover all bases when it comes to the sanitation of areas within your school, supervising specific staff to focus on areas which your desire a deeper clean.

Our dedication to delivering and maintaining the highest standard of cleaning is extremely beneficial when transferring these key skills to working in schools. We understand everything has to be outstanding, and always think of new innovative ways to be the absolute best choice in our field.

We offer a professional service, contingent upon being the best at what we do. Our clients benefit immediately from our services, from start to finish. From providing great service and tailoring your needs to finishing a clean, we honour ourselves in being able to apply our services to your every need. We ensure client retention due to the reputation we’ve established for ourselves. Our core goal is to work closely with your school, in order to understand the specific needs of each job, and don’t worry if your needs totally change! We know changes occur frequently, and we can always conform to your urgent commitments at short notice.

We also understand that good Ofsted ratings are highly desirable for schools to succeed and flourish, meaning we always strive to make your school look sparkling for special events.

Our services are completely mouldable to your academic schedules, if your timetables suddenly change, don’t be afraid to let us know immediately! We will work with you until we have reached a great alternative for cleaning times and dates, to whatever best suits your working day. We appreciate that your school may have a busy calendar, and we can positively adapt to your diary.

What We Offer

Bespoke Packages

You are most welcome to list everything you can think of when it comes to your daily school cleaning commitments. Miato Facilities Management grasps that no two schools are the same, and each will have their own idea of what is the perfect service. This is why we offer a bespoke package, so you can pick and choose exactly what suits your school.


Safety and Security

Undoubtedly, safety and security are major concerns within the school environment. All our staff are extremely discreet, and are all DBS checked. We will of course take immeasurable care when tending to your school, making sure all security and safety rules are adhered to. We are incredibly vigilant as a company, and if any risk was posed, we’d make sure to follow protocol and report anything unusual immediately.

Experienced Cleaners

Our cleaners are all hired because of their wealth of knowledge and years spent perfecting their trade. Daily school cleaning is their forte and will exceed your expectations when it comes to respectability. Their experience really shines through, particularly with the finish you will receive after a daily school clean, your building will be gleaming.

Eco-friendly Products and Equipment

We take gain great satisfaction from sourcing cleaning products and equipment that comply with the strict requirements of our Environment Policy. We’re always trying to challenge the ways we work, to better the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Overall, we think this is very important, especially as follow strict rules when it comes to using new cleaning equipment for each clean.

To get more information on what benefits we can bring to your school cleaning service, don’t hesitate to arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our team. Using our experience, we are confident that we can revitalise your cleaning service, and create a relationship built to last. If you’re looking for someone new to take over your services, you can be assured we’ll refresh and invigorate your outlook on school cleaning services. At Miato Facilities Management, we put our heart and soul into our clients and we’re passionate about making sure you feel comfortable in our safe hands.

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