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Back to work safely after Covid-19

Returning to normal workplace post COVID-19, will be like never before.

Cleaning is now seen as a crucial operation within an organisation to keep people safe and well. There are a variety of activities to be undertaken both before occupation and when people are back in the building.

Practical guidelines recently published by the govt provides employers with 8 workplace settings which are allowed to be open or are to begin returning post pandemic.

One of the 5 key elements from the guideline is reinforcing cleaning processes.

Workplaces should be cleaned more frequently, paying close attention to high contact objects like door handles and keyboards.

Employers should provide hand-washing facilities or hand sanitisers at entry and exit points.

We are working with many sectors to help support them with enhanced cleaning schedules and regimes during this time. That could be applied to their environments and give returning employees confidence in their workplace.

This will require an increased focus on high intensity touchpoints such as:

  • Door furniture (push plates, handles);

  • Wall furniture (light switches, sockets);

  • IT equipment;

  • Sanitary ware;

  • Kitchen appliances;

  • Vending machines etc…

This is to ensure those spaces are cleaned more regularly and to a higher level than before.

We offer a daily cleaning schedule, spot cleaning and sanitisation which will keep the level of hygiene in your workplace, at its highest. 

We provide method statements for the cleaning regime and offer to redesign your existing specifications to increase your workplace hygiene. Recommending frequencies and methods to keep on top of the normal cleaning activities. We will also ensure making cleaning visible on site throughout the working day. Furthermore, by placing hand sanitisers and wipes in range at all entry and exit points, will encourage staff and visitors to maintain good hygiene practices.

We are offering a thorough deep clean and recommend fogging and disinfection services which can last for 30 days and are providing a monthly disinfection cleaning supported by deep cleaning.

Check out our Services for your workplace and call today to make your booking

Get in touch to discuss a cleaning plan for your workplace. 

We provide our service to a variety of sectors including:

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