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Building Maintenance

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Building Maintenance

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Our building maintenance services offer a full range of planned and reactive building maintenance services, which includes all minor and major maintenance jobs. Our ambition is to help you save on renovation of your existing buildings and property or construction of new buildings. We understand that the upkeep of your property is of utmost importance, which is why we offer a range of receptive building maintenance work.

As the saying goes, we believe ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The importance of this phrase is only truly realised when you end up incurring a big expense, due to the neglect from wear and tear of the daily use in any aspects of your building or property. We always strive to offer the best services for our customers and our specialised preventive maintenance program deals with comprehensive building maintenance of your facility, getting straight to the root cause of the problem and enabling you to save time and expenses. We believe this service offers you a long-term preventive measure, prolonging your properties' durability.

Along with providing a first reactive building maintenance services, we have established an excellent round-the-clock contact team to ensure your queries or needs are met at any time. Our highly trained and qualified operatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully equipped with all the required resources to offer excellent service and answers any questions you may have.

At Miato Maintenance , we like to make sure we’ve covered all bases when it comes to offering the best possible services. We make sure the following planned building maintenance services are provided for our clients:

  • Roof inspection and repair

  • Electrical testing

  • Lock Smith & Glazing services

  • Painting and decorating

  • Boiler servicing

  • Drainage clearance and maintenance

Why Us?

We understand here at Miato Facilities Management, that some building maintenance is not always planned in advance, and that any emergency issues with your property or building need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, to ensure all difficulties are overcome. Therefore, in return, our services protect your eventual needs by future proofing the problem. We think this is incredibly important, as in the future you will not have further doubts or uncertainty.

As a comprehensive building maintenance company, we offer a complete range of services nationwide, delivered by our team of fully licensed and trained building maintenance professionals, with everything from temporary fixes to long-term solutions created and tailored to suit your maintenance work needs. Having the right team to carry out these services is imperative, and Miato Facilities Management have a wealth of experience providing specialist services to all different types of buildings, regardless of the scale and size.

We have more than 14 years of experience in this industry, meaning we understand that no two buildings or facilities are the same. As a company, we are very adaptable and supportive of your needs, whether your requirement is completing work before a deadline or offering a bespoke package to meet your specific budget. We are a reputable and established business, and pride ourselves on having a friendly approach

Our Aims

Our core goal is to work closely with customers in order to understand the specific needs of each job, allowing us to offer the best building maintenance solutions. At the same time, we understand that all jobs are unique, with often changing or challenging requirements.

Our aim is to always secure client retention, especially by prolonging the lifespan of our customer’s assets. We understand the value of your assets, due to the cost needed to replace valuables and therefore aspire to ever improve our services to adapt to your needs.



As an established facilities management company, we have vast experience in delivering high quality services. We also offer a more personal touch, and work very closely with our clients and make sure we tailor our services to your individual needs. We feel it is important to build relationships with our clients, to establish a positive working relationship, ultimately to make sure our services provide complete satisfaction.

Our main objectives when providing building maintenance services are time management and sustaining high quality assistance. We are committed in ensuring that all maintenance needed for your property is carried out efficiently and will offer further services if we were to notice any other potential problems that may arise. This is all combined into the service we provide, and it is our duty to make sure our planned building maintenance always meets our highest standards.

We present our customers with a professional, reliable and competitive range of reactive building maintenance services for both domestic and commercial clients. We do so to broaden our experience as well as to make sure we offer our business services to as many sectors as possible.

Our building maintenance programs include the following services:

  • 24 hours reactive building maintenance help desk

  • Building fabric maintenance and repair

  • Drainage services

  • Electrical maintenance and repair

  • Painting and decorating

As we are a nationwide operation, you can be assured that whatever the situation with your building maintenance work, planned or unprecedented, we will respond to the needs of our clients as fast as possible. This gives you more time for the things that really matter in life, and that makes us happy! As much as we are a facilities management company, we are also a lifestyle management company, meaning fully comprehend that it’s our duty to accommodate any situation that comes our way.

Building maintenance of your property is obviously of great value to you, but also to us too. We want to be sure you view us as a reliable and trustworthy company, which is why we offer constant support to stand out in the crowd and demonstrate to you that we go above and beyond. This strong ethos has seen us achieve strong growth as a company and wish to only grow stronger as we keep providing better building maintenance services to our current and future clients.

If you require any further information about our services, please visit the Contact Us page to find out more.

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