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Healthcare Cleaning

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Healthcare Cleaning

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Quality healthcare cleaning to hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists and a range of medical centres throughout the UK and outside the UK. 

Miato Facilities Management is an approved supplier to the NHS and we supply cleaning to many trusts across the UK. We take pride in what we do and we have helped our healthcare customers achieve the highest standards to any daily area cleaning to specialist disinfection cleaning to prevent and reduce any risks of infection. We also provide cleaning services to GP Surgeries and Dental Clinics working with them to sanitise and disinfect treatment rooms and equipment.

All our cleaning staff are trained to standard and are supervised by supervisors who are qualified in BICS clinical standards of hygiene.  All our cleaning staff are trained, fully vetted and have DBS.

Our cleaning operatives will work to your exact requirements ensuring best practice with focus on cross contamination and all staff are supplied with suitable PPE and following wash your hand protocol. All our chemicals are supplied by accredited suppliers supported by COSHH assessments for every product we use


Our focus is to work inline with clinical standards and train our teams to achieving the highest cleaning and we are able to promise the following benefits of working with us;


  • All BICS standard trained cleaning teams

  • Regular monitoring and audits by a trained Supervisor

  • Regular communication and reporting

  • Competitive quote

  • Colour coding & COSHH focused

  • 24 hrs response

Contact us today for a free quote on any cleaning services we can help you with.

Cleaning the Floor

But what does using a healthcare cleaning and disinfection service involve?

Thorough cleaning which effectively gets rid of impurities, germs or dirt from surfaces and objects. We use soap or detergent with water to remove germs from your hospital, clinic or surgery. Although this process does not kill germs, it removes them so the risk of infection being spread is lowered significantly.

Effective disinfecting which eliminates germs from all surfaces treated. This process uses chemicals to eliminate germs after surfaces have been cleaned first. Once more, this lowers the chance of infections spreading.

 Hygienic sanitisation which brings the number of germs down to a safer level (as per Public Health Standards). Our thorough cleaning and disinfection service is ideal for any hospital,  clinic or GP surgery in the UK or out the UK who wish to achieve high standards of hygiene.

Healthcare Cleaning Service You can Trust

Our service in this area is fully compliant with the Care Quality Commission’s National Specifications for Cleanliness. This means we can:

– Assist providers in reducing the risk of infection as they treat patients.

– Provide an excellent framework to organise cleaning services professionally.

– Ensure that any relevant documentation gets raised to prove medical processes are being properly managed.

– Emphasise effective cleaning is everyone’s responsibility.

Why Choose Us?

    • Over 14 years of experience in delivering exceptional healthcare cleaning services in London but also on a national scale.

    • Have a portfolio of happy clients already, including medical organisations

    • Extensive experience in shaping our service delivery to reflect the needs of our clients, both micro-businesses to large hospital trusts.

    • Can offer ultra-quick response times within 24 hours.

    • From compliance with Health and Safety, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) to product sourcing and ownership of  required tasks, we will have you covered.

Get in touch today for a free no obligation quote. 

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