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Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

You Can Rely on us

As a well established cleaning company, we provide an impeccable cleaning standard. We know that maintaining the cleanliness of your property is a must, and here at Miato Services, we provide deep cleaning services to buildings of all scales, sizes and complexities for both commercial and private. Our highly professional cleaners have a wealth of experience providing cleaning services in London as well as nationwide. Our commercial cleaning business include services provided to the following:

  • Commercial buildings

  • Student Accommodations

  • Universities

  • Schools

  • Office buildings

  • Shopping centres

  • Hotels or other aspects of the hospitality sector

  • Commercial window cleaning

  • Warehouse cleaning

  • Shop cleaning

  • Factory cleaning

Other cleaning services

Our ethos is to maintain a team that is ready and capable at all times, providing commercial building and domestic cleaning up and down the country without delay. You can be rest assured that we maintain a specialist team who are trained to all industry-specific standards, backed up by the experience needed to deliver a diverse range of commercial building cleaning to the highest of standards.

We pride ourselves in only using the highest quality equipment, cleaning tools and solutions to ensure all aspects of your building are covered quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality. Our comprehensive service will have all features of your commercial building looking pristine guaranteeing you stand out from the crowd. No matter the timescale, our team remain on standby, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Combine this with our highly competitive prices and you can rest assured that our commercial building cleaning is at the forefront of quality, cost and efficiency.

Our passion drives our services and ensures that we deliver quality that is consistent, customer focused and available to all. No matter the size or scale of your property, get in touch today for an instant quote – our customer service team will be there to provide warm and welcoming assistance.

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Why choose us?

Our cleaners have delivered commercial building cleaning and commercial deep cleaning to many properties spanning across the nation. Our meticulous approach to all commercial cleaning projects guarantees that your building will be dealt with in a manner that is entirely bespoke, covering all your needs efficiently. We stand out from the crowd by offering a service that is consistently personalised to all businesses regardless of their size or status. We always consider the companies we work with as partners rather than clients, allowing us to handle all projects in a unique way.

The services we provide include:

Regular cleaning – We provide regular cleaning services to all types, sizes and scales of commercial properties. This entails carrying out thorough, regular cleaning services that ensure your commercial building is cleaned to the highest of standards. This service will be entirely bespoke to your business’ needs, so get in contact today to book a free survey and we can organise a plan around your needs.

Deep cleaning – We provide deep cleaning services to all types of properties across the country. This involves carrying out periodic, scheduled work which covers all areas of the property that are not usually covered by regular cleaning. We work with all partners closely to ensure that we can conduct all deep cleans with minimal disruption and carry these out at a time that is most convenient to you. This ensures that all workers and visitors to your commercial building are not only safe but are left with a positive impression that truly leaves a mark. We conduct risk assessments prior to contract commencement to ascertain any areas we feel may need a special attention allowing us to plan a deep cleaning programme that is entirely bespoke to your business’ needs.


We use our specialist tools, products and knowledge to deep clean the following:

→ Behind and under all equipment, including all hidden areas where dirt can accumulate.
→ Ceilings and walls.
→ All surfaces.
→ Dangerous to reach areas.
→ Bathrooms, kitchens and any communal areas.

Ad-hoc work – We understand that work can often arise unexpectedly, particularly when it comes to providing commercial building cleaning. We always work with conscientious regard to this, ensuring we hold sufficient staff members on standby, combined with adequate supplies of all products and equipment and we are fully equipped to deal with any unexpected commercial building cleaning that may occur.

We also provide services such as student accommodation cleaning, security services, school cleaningmaintenance, front-of-house solutions, and more...


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